so that's my website

i'm a developer - or at least i say so - and i do cool stuff sometimes

Currently studying at 42 paris (doing cool things)
Previously studied at Polytech (did really boring stuff)

i speak:
	- js mostly, like the cool kids, with all its cool frameworks and stuff that works with it: ( It's cutting edge today and will be obsolete in 2 weeks, just like any js-related thing )
		- node
		- mongo
		- react / angular
		- pretty much anything you can get on npm or bower
	- c(++), that's OG, love it
	- ruby, with rails
	- Mobile
		- android (in Java, which is horrible, and in Kotlin, which is slightly less terrible)
		- iOS (Swift only, because - (objective-c): is @interface just NSHorrible )
	- php 🤮
	- other things

i work:

	- freelance work
	- i co-founded a start-up that used to have a website, but now it's goooooone

i interact:

	- by email
	- on github
	- on linkedin
	- public key

i like dogs.

thanks for coming,

martin. ❤️